"Think like a man of action and act like a man of thought. Thought which does not result in an action is nothing much and an action which does not proceed from a thought is nothing at all."

(Georges Bernanos)

Vaše zdravlje - vodič za zdraviji život (Your Health - A Guide to a Healthier Lifestyle), began publication in May 1998. The idea for a magazine covering health topics that is distributed free of charge via pharmacies originated from the primary activity of Oktal Pharma, which is the wholesale of drugs and other medical products to pharmacies, hospitals, medical centers and other medical institutions.
We began this highly demanding project modestly, with the desire to provide you with the most we have to offer - knowledge. We can proudly say that we have remained faithful to our initial intention of providing you with a free magazine, because its value is in the knowledge it provides. It is not said in vain that knowledge is worth gold, particularly if it is applied in daily life, enriching the spirit and body.
All of this would not be possible without the support of the numerous physicians who have unselfishly transmitted their knowledge and experience, and the sponsors who believed in us and entrusted us with the advertising of their products. We must also not forget our faithful readers, who motivate us to keep going. Their interest, praise, many letters of support and good advice have certainly played a major role. We can only express our great thanks to everyone!

In an attempt to coordinate our operations with the world trends in globalization and informatics and in the desire to expand the circle of those to whom we can offer knowledge, we inaugurated vasezdravlje.com in December 2003. The results of our first survey have confirmed that such a move was justified and convinced us that education does not and should not have limits. By providing as many sources of knowledge as possible, the possibility for success is increased.
We are gratified that we have successfully interested you in visiting us again. Each of your subsequent visits to our web site will be a sign that we are on the right track. You can e-mail all your comments and suggestions to vase.zdravlje@oktal-pharma.hr and thereby help us to offer you more.

At a time of accelerated lifestyles, when we do not even have time for ourselves, much less for others, we can still transform seemingly insignificant everyday moments into something beautiful and special. Share these moments and do not forget to act in time.

About the publisher »

Oktal Pharma is a Croatian company that was established in 1992. With perseverence and dedication, it has grown into one of the leading drug wholesalers in the Republic of Croatia, capable of achieving the highest goals in commerce, representation, market research and a social role in the promotion of pharmaceutical and medical knowledge.
Oktal Pharma does business with over 460 domestic and foreign suppliers, and with 3,600 customers - pharmacies, hospitals and medical centers - that it supplies with a broad assortment of drugs and other medical products of domestic and foreign manufacture (approximately 13,000 different articles). Through our Marketing Department, Oktal Pharma represents over 20 Western European and American companies, bringing over 300 imported products to pharmacies and providing the services of market research, registration and product promotion.

Recognizability is only one of the characteristics of Oktal Pharma. In addition to the publication of the magazine Vaše zdravlje - vodič za zdraviji život (Your Health - A Guide to a Healthier Lifestyle), Oktal Pharma provides the following:

  • window-display services for pharmacies in the territory of the Republic of Croatia
  • the organization of professional lectures of an educational character
  • numerous donations to hospitals, medical centers, humanitarian institutions etc.

Continuous improvement in the quality control of operations according to the stipulations of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (Integrated quality and environment management /IQEM/ system) signifies our increasing responsiveness to the desires and needs of our customers and suppliers as well as our ongoing aspiration to perfect our operations.
For Oktal Pharma, the future is not something that is going to happen. It is here today. We create it ourselves when we reach our goals, because as we reach them we set new ones.

"A man's works are the best evidence of his thoughts."

(John Lubbock)